Reduce the risk of milk fever with X-Zelit

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X-Zelit provides a perfect calcium balance around calving, thus minimizing the risk of hypocalcaemia and milk fever.

When using X-Zelit you can avoid complications caused from calcium deficiency and experience fewer incidences of:

  • Milk fever
  • Ketosis
  • Calving difficulties
  • Retained placenta
  • Displaced abomasums
  • Metritis

X-Zelit is an easy to administer, in feed solution, that increases the mobilization and absorption of calcium from the cows own body reserves. It provides a proactive preventative solution with minimal stress for the animal and handlers. Supplementing X-Zelit in the dry period stimulates the cow's natural hormone system allowing her to maintain her calcium levels around calving.



A revolutionary concept to transition cow feeding

Xzelit Bag Product Reduction Of The Risk Of Milk FeverAbnormally low blood calcium levels around calving is one of the major precursors for a range of production and health issues within dairy cows. All cows will experience a lower calcium level around calving and just a small deviation from the usual level, can have a large impact on the cow’s production performance. Recent research has confirmed that a decreased blood calcium level, even within the normal range (>2.2 mmol/L), is associated with an increased risk of displaced abomasum, lower milk yields and a reduced reproductive performance.


X-Zelit, the new strategy for improving the transition feeding, has become very popular. The strategy is based on the idea of low calcium supply to dry cows. With less calcium available from the feed, the cow will adjust her hormones to the low-calcium environment condition and begin mobilizing calcium from her own bones. In other words the cow’s natural defense mechanism for preventing hypocalcaemia is activated. This allows her to utilize calcium from her own bones and maintain a natural calcium level at calving. However, due to the natural content of calcium in common feed ingredients, this is almost impossible to practice under normal feeding conditions. X-Zelit has made it possible to reduce the uptake of ration calcium by adding a calcium binder to the feed and thereby has revived the "low calcium feed principle".

"the cow’s natural defense mechanism for preventing hypocalcaemia is activated"


The principle is simple; the very effective binding capabilities of X-Zelit binds calcium from the ration in the intestine, therefore making the calcium less available for absorption. At the time when the supply of the calcium binder is ceased at calving, the hormonal system is then primed and capable of sufficiently absorbing calcium into the blood and thereby to the udder.


An effective product without side effects

Under practical farming conditions X-Zelit achieves an efficacy of 80-85%. No negative side effects have been associated with the use of X-Zelit.


New Study from Cornell University


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